Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As my promised yesterday, now I wunna share little story about my brand.
Awkay!!! Flameon footmate first.

Flameon footmate born on march 2012 and launched on april 2013 at the 3rd trademark market (fashion market event in bandung)

Flameon comes from our babble, Aldi Valchon and me.
K : mmm how about Flamingo?
V : no no no its soo feminine! Why don’t you choose Meong (sound of cat)
K : pfff
V : how about flameong?
K : ah! Flameon!! Flameon
V : yah! Flameon footmate
So we decide to named it with “FLAMEON FOOTMATE”, and how lucky we are! in English “FLAMEON” / “FLAME ON” means fiery. Hopefully it brings many positive things to our live track brand. Amen. But how pity we are, we are stuck on the pronunciation of “FLAME  _  ON”. It must be read “FLAMEON” according the way of reading in Indonesia.  Seven out of ten people called it “FLAME  _  ON”, and only three people who call it correctly. Hehe.. Why did we named it “FOOTMATE” not “FOOTWEAR”? It because we hope - in real life – someone who bought our product feel get ‘closer’and have a chemistry with its product.

At the first-third production, we used wasted materials/ jeans which is the materials are environmentally friendly.  And with the knowledge that we have, we proced them into something different. We colored it, washed it & made a destructive effect.
Valchon trying to make ‘special composition - recipe’ to makes that footmates comfortable to wear. Even unorthodox materials he was trying to use to make this ‘recipe’. Andddd, YEAAYY! The footmate is comfortable to wear. Am shocked when I wear my first footmate! There has never been so comfortable footmate before ( I am serious, pals).. I think he’ll be scientist of shoes in the next century.

“Flameon footmate” is handmade product. We already have 6 employees here, 2 tailors, 2 molders  and the others are QC . Valchon is designer of the footmate models and i am doing mix and match the colors
The prices start from 330k- 425k. our target is female – teenagers – urban – 18-23yo. But many people (18-  / 24-) who love our product, allhamdulillah the market  respons is always positive.

There are some media that has covered “flameon footmate”,  I’ll share it to you as soon as possible. During eid holidays, I guess I’ll have much time for bloging. In sha allah :)

Night :)
Kikko Ganenda

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