Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As my promised yesterday, now I wunna share little story about my brand.
Awkay!!! Flameon footmate first.

Flameon footmate born on march 2012 and launched on april 2013 at the 3rd trademark market (fashion market event in bandung)

Flameon comes from our babble, Aldi Valchon and me.
K : mmm how about Flamingo?
V : no no no its soo feminine! Why don’t you choose Meong (sound of cat)
K : pfff
V : how about flameong?
K : ah! Flameon!! Flameon
V : yah! Flameon footmate
So we decide to named it with “FLAMEON FOOTMATE”, and how lucky we are! in English “FLAMEON” / “FLAME ON” means fiery. Hopefully it brings many positive things to our live track brand. Amen. But how pity we are, we are stuck on the pronunciation of “FLAME  _  ON”. It must be read “FLAMEON” according the way of reading in Indonesia.  Seven out of ten people called it “FLAME  _  ON”, and only three people who call it correctly. Hehe.. Why did we named it “FOOTMATE” not “FOOTWEAR”? It because we hope - in real life – someone who bought our product feel get ‘closer’and have a chemistry with its product.

At the first-third production, we used wasted materials/ jeans which is the materials are environmentally friendly.  And with the knowledge that we have, we proced them into something different. We colored it, washed it & made a destructive effect.
Valchon trying to make ‘special composition - recipe’ to makes that footmates comfortable to wear. Even unorthodox materials he was trying to use to make this ‘recipe’. Andddd, YEAAYY! The footmate is comfortable to wear. Am shocked when I wear my first footmate! There has never been so comfortable footmate before ( I am serious, pals).. I think he’ll be scientist of shoes in the next century.

“Flameon footmate” is handmade product. We already have 6 employees here, 2 tailors, 2 molders  and the others are QC . Valchon is designer of the footmate models and i am doing mix and match the colors
The prices start from 330k- 425k. our target is female – teenagers – urban – 18-23yo. But many people (18-  / 24-) who love our product, allhamdulillah the market  respons is always positive.

There are some media that has covered “flameon footmate”,  I’ll share it to you as soon as possible. During eid holidays, I guess I’ll have much time for bloging. In sha allah :)

Night :)
Kikko Ganenda

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sims 3!

One week ago I bought the sims 3 dvd game, so happy!yah.. I didn’t play this game for long time. i have ever played the sims3 when I am in college, but it must be uninstalled because my laptop memory was full. I made everything so colorful in my new game. Sims with little pony tattoo in her face, till colorful kitchen sets! Hopefully this things would make me happy every day. 

Honestly I really want to install the sims3 “katy perry sweet treats” and “70s 80s 90s stuff”. After 1 week I have been playing the sims, I decided to buy “70s 80s 90s stuff”. But It always failed when I try to install the game, my sim error! so I should to uninstall my 1st sims3. “Huhuhu my sims has goneee~”
Then I am going back to the store where I bought the dvd game, I need his (sales store) help to install this game. And taraaaam, he got it. It was looked so easy to do!

Now I can play it on my laptop, tho I have to start from zero. This is my new sims Aldi Valchon. He likes something //smelled// hippies, I am trying to make his looks hippie .And this is me, Kikko Ganenda. I like something with un-match pattern and colorful. Stripes meet polcadot!

 The Sims 3, Katy Perry Sweet Treat

Why is english hard to learn? its hard as math, lol!!

good night universe, xoxo
Kikko Ganenda

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello :)

Hello pals! Long time no see, I really miss you so much!
I haven’t been writing on my blog for 1 year.
Lately, I prefer spend my time for working. I am working for my own brand, Flameon Footmate (Shoe line) and Jirave dc (Clothing line). I will tell you the detail of  “Flameon” and “Jirave” on the next post.

Begins with doing all things by my self, designing, producing and promoting/ marketing. Be a courier, sales and boss for my self. So I have no time for ‘playing’ on social media. Because when I came back from my work I was feeling tired.
Alhamdulillah, at the expense of a few months of my life, now my business is running smoothly. And In Sha Allah it will be going smoothly & better day by day. At the present I already have some of employes to take care of production, delivery of goods, sometimes my sisters & friends replace me in costumer service handling.

I wish I could play in the internet world again, doing everything I love (bloging, doodling, singing/ making cover video although my voice isn’t quite enough good & I am the beginner of guitar player).
I have to learn how to manage my time better and I must be a discipline person. I  Wish I could meet you guys in the next days, next months, next years!

now my hair is long, so I can tie my hair, yeayy!  :))

Awyah,I'm learning english, so i'll try to writing blog using english. Hehe

Kikko Ganenda

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello Footmate :D @FLAMEONfootmate

New post....

Perkenalkan, ini anak baruku :D
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

@jiraveDC #februarGIVEAWAY

Yuk join #februarGIVEAWAY @jiraveDC :D
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info lengkapnya bisa langsung berkunjung ke website Jirave

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wish u luckkkk..

Much love,
Jirave & Kikko<3


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hi Girafffee.. U knoo how much i love u huh?:"3
Sedih sekali ketika tahu Jerapah di Kebun Binatang Bandung sudah tidak ada lagi.. Kira-kira 2 tahun lalu, 2009 saat ada perkuliahan di luar kampus untuk menggambar rupa hewan. Yang aku lihat hanya ada kandang dengan atap tinggi menjulang yang di dalamnya hanya ada kerbau dan sapi :.(
Ada yang bilang sang jerapah mati karena teracuni sampah, dan ada pula yang bilang kalau binatang yg tinggi ini mati karena tidak ada pasangan sehingga tidak bisa berkembang biak.
Terakhir kali aku datang ke Kebun Binatang Bandung ini sewaktu aku masih duduk di bangku sekolah dasar. Dan yang ku ingat, aku memberi kacang untuk si jangkung ini, aku sangat takut ditelan olehnya, lidahnya menjulur begitu panjang..
Aku mau pergi ke taman safarriii, hallo burung unta, ilama! dan pastinya HALLO JERAPAH

fav shoes from my boyfie <3 thanks a lot :)

make up a la bengeb ditendang jerapah :)))

Cukup banyak barang-barang berbentuk/bergambar Jerapah yang aku punya. I'll post it, soon :)

Necklace by @JiraveDC

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salam, Mbak Diela :)

Sudah lama sekali tidak membuat karya, yaaa menggambar atau apalah itu kalian sebut.
Alat-alat pun sudah lupa nyimpan.. Dan aku berharap jika aku menemukan semuanya, mereka masih bisa digunakan alias belom kadaluarsa. hihihi..

Ini dia, yang terlintas dalambenak. Seorang perempuan bernama Diela Maharani yang ingin ku gambar kali ini :) Hmmm, kenapa tiba-tiba ingin menggambar mbak Diela?

Tadi pagi, aku membaca time line @gogirlmagazine yang berkicau tentang bonus TAS untuk edisi majalah go girl bulan Februari 2012 ini! Tapi sayang sekali link foto yang go girl share tidak bisa dibuka. Dengan rasa penasaran dan juga bersemangat, pergilah aku ke toko buku terdekat!
"wah kebetulan nih! deket sini kan ada BSM"
karena sore tadi Aldi sedang futsal di daerah sana, bergegaslah aku berangkat ke toko buku di BSM.

Lihat kiri kanan kok go girlnya ga ada ya...
"Teh, go girlnya udah keluar? masih ada?" langsung saja tanya teteh penjaga toko buku itu.
"Ohhhhh, udah habisssss" muka pucat sedih kaget, baru keluar tapi kok udah habis.
Refleks ku mention @gogirlmagazine "kehabisaaan :(", go girl mereply dan bilang gak mungkin habis karena itu baru terbit, baru keluar kemarin bahkan belum ke semua kota tersebar.
Ketika aku balik lagi ke Si Teteh, Teteh penjaga toko bilang "OOOHHH, belum ke luar di sini. saya kira yang edisi Januari. Kalo januari sudah habis"
Yaaahhh -____-

Kebetulan persib main hari ini! Aku dan Aldi mampir ke rumah Kak Okky, sekalian nontoonnn :3
buka-lah aku itu go girl punya twitter... Klik Twit Pict.. Oalahhhhh.. Ini pasti gambarnya Mbak Diela! Ternyata, ilustrasinyaaaaa, benar karya Mbak Diela..

Hemmm, ku ingat-ingat, dulu Mbak Diela pernah mau order tas di Jirave, tapi kehabisan :S
Dulu pertama kali tahu Mbak'e dari blogger, tiba-tiba terdampar di sana dan langsung terkagum-kagum lihat karyanya! Sekitar tahun 2010 mungkin ya...

Jadi tiba-tiba ingin menggambar Mbak Diela dehh.. :3

Silahkan berkunjung ke pagenya Mbak Diela, dijamin suka deh sama karya-karyanya <3
Diela Maharani
Devon Rex Cat