Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sims 3!

One week ago I bought the sims 3 dvd game, so happy!yah.. I didn’t play this game for long time. i have ever played the sims3 when I am in college, but it must be uninstalled because my laptop memory was full. I made everything so colorful in my new game. Sims with little pony tattoo in her face, till colorful kitchen sets! Hopefully this things would make me happy every day. 

Honestly I really want to install the sims3 “katy perry sweet treats” and “70s 80s 90s stuff”. After 1 week I have been playing the sims, I decided to buy “70s 80s 90s stuff”. But It always failed when I try to install the game, my sim error! so I should to uninstall my 1st sims3. “Huhuhu my sims has goneee~”
Then I am going back to the store where I bought the dvd game, I need his (sales store) help to install this game. And taraaaam, he got it. It was looked so easy to do!

Now I can play it on my laptop, tho I have to start from zero. This is my new sims Aldi Valchon. He likes something //smelled// hippies, I am trying to make his looks hippie .And this is me, Kikko Ganenda. I like something with un-match pattern and colorful. Stripes meet polcadot!

 The Sims 3, Katy Perry Sweet Treat

Why is english hard to learn? its hard as math, lol!!

good night universe, xoxo
Kikko Ganenda

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